Friday, October 7, 2011

Whats in a name...?

Why do we change names after marriage?
Where did this tradition originate from?

A recent incident made me research...

It was about 5 months after marriage...My MIL and I went to visit my close friend for her wedding day...My friend was addressing me with my maiden name and my MIL had to voice her opinion against it...She advised or rather commanded my friend in a raised voice that after marriage a girl should append her name with her husbands name....

First, I cannot digest people who impose their thoughts on others...Second, thats really not the way to talk to my friend...Last but not least, Its MY name damit!

I go by my dad's name in my ex-company and all my friends call me that way...
I couldn't divorce my dad's name just because I got married!!

Thank heavens that my husband doesn't really bother...If he did, I would atleast consider..May be discuss and try to convince him...But my MIL? Seriously?

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